Why I run

i run…

Because i can

i run to go fast
i run to win
i run for the view
i run with friends
i run to help others
i run to lose weight
i run to keep it off
i run to feel the wind on my face
i run for the high
i run because, it is my time
i run to beat my personal best
i run to be an example to my kids
i run to make a difference
i run to enjoy nature
i run everywhere
i run all the time
i run when i feel like it
i run so i can clear my mind
i run to feel the burn
i run to conquer that hill
i run to catch the runner ahead of me
i run to stay ahead of the pack
i run because, it makes me feel good
i run to see the sun rise
i run to blaze a trail
i run to enjoy the solitude
i run to hear my breath
i run to coast at my natural rhythm
i run to reflect
i run to meditate
i run to gain perspective
i run to think

i run because i am a runner

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