TNT F1 Contest

F1 contest checkered flagSo after a couple of technical glitches, the TNT F1 contest IS ON! Jenson Button may have won the Montreal Grand Prix but who will get the checkered flag in this race?

If you want to skip the reason behind this contest, scroll right past the video and click the link to enter below, but I really hope you watch the entire video to understand why I’m doing this contest in this first place…

Anyway, I hope you have fun with this F1 contest, and I’d love to get your feedback and comments below!

Click here to Get all the details about the Rules and Prizes and Enter the F1 Contest Today!

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2 Responses to TNT F1 Contest

  1. Wendy Mackay says:

    Glad to spread the message for you Patch. There are far too many children affected by disease. Awareness is #1, and what you are doing is fantastic.

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