The Scientific Secret to Happiness

I happened upon this amazing TED talk that really helped me to understand what so many profess (without really understanding why) is a key to happiness.  If you are an inquisitive person and/or have a penchant for asking why before jumping into something with both feet (like me), then I suggest you watch this 7 minute video that reveals the scientific secret behind human happiness.

Since it’s back to school season and we’ve been dealing with a bit of negativity in our household lately, I decided that we would embark on this happiness journey as a family.

For the next 21 days, here’s what we’ll be doing.  At dinnertime, we’ll each talk about 3 things we appreciated during the day.  Before going to bed, each of us will write in our personal journal about one positive experience we had that day.

I won’t introduce meditation yet or the concept of random acts of kindness as I don’t want to create too much change at once, but once these first two activities become a routine and the back to school rush has settled down a bit, we will also do a little exercise as a family and then learn some basics of meditation as well.

I will use this blog as my own personal journal and also share how this happiness journey is working out for my family.  I hope this is something that you will get some value from!

Please let me know by leaving a comment below what you think of Shawn’s video and what YOU are doing to change your lens.

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