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Social EntrepreneurshipSo you’re ready to get started on your social enterprise?   Great!

Now what?

Do you know what you should be focusing your efforts on?

Do you know who your target market is and where to reach them?

Do you know your cost structure, your pricing model and your revenue targets?

These are some of the fundamental questions that you need answers to if you expect to have any success at all as an entrepreneur.

Without this information, a startup entrepreneur will not be focused, will be pulled in a million different directions at once, will get frustrated with a lack of progress…and will ultimately give up.

It’s a tragic ending to what could have otherwise been a success story of good and positive change.

I remember when I was a kid at summer camp.  We had this game where we’d be given a list of clues, split up in teams of two and head out into the forest.  The goal was to be the first team to navigate to each checkpoint using the clues, a map and a compass.

Of course the best teams where the ones with orienteering skills, the stamina to go as fast as they could…and a plan.

forests-231066_1280Teams that just bolted into the woods to find the first checkpoint usually ended up running willy-nilly through the forest and covering way more terrain than they needed to.

Of course, they were the ones most likely to get tired, disoriented, and supremely discouraged!

On the other hand…

Teams that took the time to make a proper plan figured out the clues and plotted their route on the map before heading out.

In the end, they covered much less distance and saved a whole bunch of time – because they had a solid plan.

Without a plan you’re leaving too much to chance.

Imagine you came into an inheritance of $227,000 that you weren’t expecting, what would you do with it?

Would you just start buying stuff and spending it all or would you think about it and come up with a plan to;

  1. Pay off debt and/or
  2. Invest it.

Let’s say you decide to invest half of it.  Would you do some research or would you just randomly pick a stock and hope for the best.

Of course you’d do some research, come up with a plan and put all the odds in your favor, wouldn’t you?

According to a survey referenced in Small Business Trends you double your chances of success when you have a business plan.

Remember what I said in Mindset Shift 6 about 95% of businesses failing within 3 years?

Wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to not be part of that grim statistic?

I thought so.

So here’s how I’m going to save you a whole bunch of effort and frustration – so you don’t end up lost and discouraged like my old friends in the woods…

As a special offer to my Social Entrepreneur Bootcamp subscribers only, I’m going to help you hack your business planning learning curve by offering you a proven social enterprise business plan template that you can use right away.

Imagine how much time you’ll save and frustration you’ll avoid by having this roadmap that details everything for you that you need to get started.

You will know what questions to ask, what information you need, and how to put it all together in a comprehensive and usable format that will become your solid action plan to get started on your journey of being a social entrepreneur.

Not only that, but I’m going to make this such a no-brainer for you that I’m basically giving it away (because I practice what I preach, heh, heh).

So here’s what you have to do to get the social enterprise business planning template and instructions right away:

  1. Go to GivePower and help us bring electricity to schools in Africa by making a donation of $10 or more (you will see my picture on the campaign page).
  2. Email me a copy of your donation receipt as proof and in the subject line of your email write, “I helped give power, now help me plan my business”.  Send it to this email:

PatchOnce I receive your email, I will immediately forward you the template and guide.

It’s that simple!

So go ahead and make that donation today! You know it’s going directly to an awesome cause that is making a huge difference in the lives of so many children in Africa.