Random Running Thoughts

Alright, if we’re serious all the time, life can get pretty dull. So, I created this page as a placeholder for all my Tweets about my random thoughts that come to me while I run.

These are not contrived or planned my friends, so please don’t try to make sense or find patterns where none exist. Nor is there a grand scheme behind these thoughts – at least not by me anyway. So just enjoy them for what they are – a glimpse into the mind of a runner.

Go ahead and comment or share your own thoughts as well. Maybe you’ll work your way into my subconscious and find yours on the list too…

Living with Purpose. Live Fulfilled,

Random Running Thoughts (RRT)

  1. I wonder if anyone will notice me in these bushes…
  2. Oh crap, my water bottle almost made me faceplant on the treadmill as it fell and propelled toward my feet…
  3. Gee, I’m breathing hard – gag – fly in the mouth! Oh yeah, breath in through the nose, then exhale with pursed lips!
  4. Hey genius, great you’re out for fresh air with your newborn but for Pete’s sake put a hat on him or his first word will be melanoma.
  5. Isn’t it a great feeling when you run up a hill and pass a bunch of peeps on their bikes?
  6. If I get sprayed by a skunk during my long run, should I continue or head back?
  7. Okay so now I saved an injured bird in the road from certain death, is it wrong of me to feel like I shouldn’t have interrupted my run?
  8. A good long run is like washing your windshield – you see things much clearer.
  9. Are my legs ever NOT going to be sore!
  10. Damn this freakin’ hill!
  11. I am strong. I am fast. I feel good. I will qualify.
  12. Why do my feet feel so heavy?
  13. Too many thoughts. Should I continue running or cut short and go home and write them down…

3 Responses to Random Running Thoughts

  1. Auto auction Minneapolis says:

    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

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  3. Sanaya says:

    A great blog i must say

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