Purpose Driven Life Spotlight – OneXOne and Matt Damon losing it!

onexoneToday in my Purpose Driven Life Spotlight, I’m featuring a charity I recently learned about called OneXOne and although child poverty is a very serious subject, I also want to expose how some famous people behind this cause are contributing. I got a chuckle out of one of the videos I found (you’ll see what I mean below)…

But first, a little background on OneXOne….

OneXOne firmly believes we all can make a difference, and working together we can change children’s lives around the globe – one by one. Committed to supporting, preserving and improving the lives of children in the U.S., Canada, and around the world through its ongoing campaigns, OneXOne is dedicated to helping create a world where children can live safely and with dignity:

Every child has clean water to drink.
Enough food to eat.
Where no child suffers or succumbs to illness due to improper or insufficient medical care.
Where school and learning are a right and not a privilege.
Where every kid has the chance to just be a kid.

OneXOne’s mission is to preserve a basic quality of life for children locally and globally : because Hope Belongs to Everyone.

Here is the touching promo video for OneXOne

And what are the stars up to with OneXOne?

PJ and Violetta skate for OneXOneLast night I watched our local hockey and radio celebrity, PJ Stock and his cute-as-a-button professional figure skating partner , Violetta Afansieva get eliminated from Battle of the Blades. They were skating to raise funds for OneXOne. Side note : If you haven’t heard of Battle of the Blades, it’s pretty funny to watch those hockey players try to pirouette on skates!

And how about Matt Damon? He was directing a 5-line PSA for OneXOne and just loses it – warning : some f-bombs in this one!

Ok, so Matt takes his causes seriously, but I think he needs to chill a little, don’t you?

So that pretty much covers it for this spotlight, I hope you enjoyed it and more importantly, I really hope you were inspired to support this charity (or any charity for that matter)! We all can play a part in making this world a better place – what are you doing?

Living with Purpose. Live Fulfilled.

OneXOne is a non-profit foundation so donations are tax-deductible, just click on the link above for more info about this great project!

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2 Responses to Purpose Driven Life Spotlight – OneXOne and Matt Damon losing it!

  1. Stuart Young says:

    Excellent spoof – I laughed my head off! And the guy in front of the camera was great!

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