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You know the old saying; “Time heals all wounds”? Well, that’s not always true….When it comes to diseases like cancer, time is our worst enemy. The time you have the disease without it being diagnosed or the amount of time it takes before getting treatment can both be fatal. And the time it takes for us to find a cure, means more and more people are diagnosed and dying every day.

No my friends, time does not heal this wound….How many people do you know who have blood cancers? Several I’m sure, probably even somebody in your family…..

We have to act now so that we could beat this disease. I’m running marathons until we do!

Please support me in my crusade…my legs will thank you for it but not nearly as much as those who are currently suffering with the disease and the ones who are diagnosed every 35 minutes. Tic toc….

Time is of the essence, so please share this video with your friends, family, mailing lists, you name it. The more people who see this video the better. We want to create awareness and a call to action.

If you can donate, fine, but if not, you still can do your part. Pledge to pass this on, share your story below, blog about it, touch someone’s heart to embark on their own crusade, hold a bake sale. It doesn’t matter really….Anything you do will bring us one day closer to a cure and that’s what matters!

So don’t delay, share this video and take action to make a difference today! (if you can make a donation, it is greatly appreciated.

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2 Responses to My Crusade

  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks for referring me to your blog! I love it! This will definitely keep me motivated as I am beginning training again! Awesome!

  2. Patch says:

    Sure thing Jess,
    Let me know if you need help putting together a training plan!

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