Internet Marketer Philanthropist and the Erupting Volcano

I recently published an EZines article about how some internet marketers are turning philanthropist and now making it known they intend to donate some proceeds of sales to charity. In the article, I mention a few examples of social entrepreneurship (you can see the links below) and I also illustrate that this is definitely a demonstration of the Law of Attraction at work.

Jonathan Budd - philanthropistI initially set out to do this video to reveal whether or not Jonathan Budd was a genuine philanthropist but something I discovered during my research completely changed the direction I decided to go in with this post.

Click the play button to find out what I discovered and how it can literally change the way you look at your life and your business, if you have one!

Philanthropist in Action!

From Supporter to Philanthropist

We can all be empowered to bring positive change to our world! We don’t have to be a mega-rich philanthropist to do it. We don’t even have to make donations if we don’t have the money for that! Being conscious of those among us who are practicing social entrepreneurship and supporting them in and of itself has huge potential for positive change!

For those just starting out in business, consider the power of attraction that results from linking your chosen cause to your business. You may not have much profit now, but every little bit helps and your Goodwill in the marketplace will improve as well!

Supporting the efforts of socially responsible entrepreneurs is a huge step in creating massive change and a force akin to an erupting volcano that will metamorphasize the world landscape!

Philanthropist and Charity links

As promised, here are the various links I mentioned in the video and EZines Article:

So go ahead share your stories below about what you are doing. Let me hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! If you know of any businesses who are paying it forward, feel free to promote them here! Let’s support each other and change the landscape forever!

Small business is becoming the significant driver of the economy. If we can support the businesses that are also driven by a philanthropist mindset to improve our lives and the lives of others, good things are sure to come out of it!

Share Your Thoughts!


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7 Responses to Internet Marketer Philanthropist and the Erupting Volcano

  1. Ryan Yokome says:

    Hi Patrick!

    Great post and video my friend. And nice intro!

    I think it’s amazing what some of these top internet marketers are doing to give back. JB is doing his part and so many others.

    It’s all about the giving…

    • Patch says:

      Hey Ryan. Glad you dropped by! You are so right about this being amazing and I really believe we are on the cusp of an emerging movement in this industry! Not only will it make a great contribution to society but it will also humanize and and give credibility to what everyone who is on board is up to. “Putting your money where your mouth is” as they say is certain to make these marketers more ATTRACTIVE and when that happens, they will be able to draw more funds to give back! What a wonderful cycle indeed!

      Take care my friend,

      Living with Purpose. Live Fulfilled

  2. Gerald Gigerl says:

    Hey Patrick,

    yeah the beginning was really chilling me down man, I felt like being in an exotic paradise haha!

    We all have to look out for something that we absolutely enjoy and it should also be fulfilling!

    Thanks for the awesome post, have a relaxing weekend!


    • Patch says:

      Hey there Gerald,
      Exotic paradise – now that’s something to look forward to! No relaxing for this cat, got a few birthday parties to go to with the fam and then a super fast long run to prep for my upcoming marathons. I’ll relax a bit in the pool after that though! Thanks for visiting and for the tweet!

  3. david sneen says:

    We here in the United States are well behind other countries in charity donations. Your insights and call to action are well-spoken. The call is POWERFUL!!!

  4. betonmma says: is amazing, bookmarked!

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