Healthy Lifestyle Tips – The Devolution of Mankind

Every once in a while, I write about healthy lifestyle tips. In this post, I share a presentation by Dean Ornish that I came across by chance on TED…

Healthy Lifestyle Tips – The Devolution of Mankind

Obesity is not going away. As you can see from the shocking trend graphs in this video, we are devolving as a species and globalization is making this a worldwide phenomenon.

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle tips the balance back to where it should be, and there are many reasons why people have problems adopting the necessary diet and lifestyle changes necessary to live healthier lives.

Unfortunately, the consequences of obesity are enormous and will continue to place a huge burden on our healthcare systems and the economy if these trends continue.

But it seems that there are some positive trends…

Healthy Lifestyle Tips Trend : Older men and younger women are becoming more conscious of their health.

Statistics from Running USA show that running is gaining in popularity in adults. Participation in races has increased 15% in 2009 and attendance records are being broken in events around the world. What’s interesting is that the 35-40 year-old cohort represents roughly half of participants, and the median age for male participants is actually increasing, which means that as men get older, they are taking up running.

This is as opposed to women who are currently showing increased participation at younger ages and are driving down the median age. Does this imply that women are “getting it” sooner in life than men are?

What’s sad to see is the poor participation of youth! From what I gather, although youth participation (under 20 years cahort) has increased year-to-year, the ratio of youth has remained roughly at 2% of total participants and while overall participation in running events increased 15% in 2009, it only increased by 10% for youths.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips – Get your kids active and do activities as a family!

Healthy Lifestyle TipsPhysical activity is not only good for your health and that of your kids. By doing activities as a family you also become a positive role-model to your kids and create important family time all in one fell swoop! How good is that?

So here’s my call to action for you – go ahead and get active with your family! Play a game of soccer or tag outside, take a walk in the fall foliage, or teach them a new sport. It doesn’t matter what you do, really. The important thing is to get out there and get active!

Living with Purpose. Live Fulfilled.

p.s. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject so please go ahead and leave your comments below – let me know if you’d like some more healthy lifestyle tips!

Article title : Healthy Lifestyle Tips – The Devolution of Mankind

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