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This page is all about my story and I promise I’ll get to it, because I think it’s important to explain where I’ve come from in order for you to understand where I’m heading…But first, though, let me say thanks for visiting A Purpose Driven Life and I hope you enjoy and benefit from the advice and stories I share that will hopefully help you to Live with Purpose and Live Fulfilled too!

So now for my story…

Being a dreamer, I always knew I would one day be an entrepreneur. I just never seemed to want to go with the flow…go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, retire, grow old.

That cycle lacked something for me on many levels, and I could never quite put my finger on it….I remember when I was in High School and we had to decide what college to apply to and what program to choose – nothing appealed to me. I decided to live a life of adventure and joined the Army.

Drifting Through Life Unfulfilled

During my 14-year career as an officer, I discovered that what motivated me the most was the opportunity to make positive change, to do something good – I was driven by the desire to go on peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions and I just kept on plugging away year after year in hope of having the opportunity to do just that.

Following my stint in the Army, I held several management positions in the private and public sectors and I specialized in Operations Management and Process Improvement. I came to realize that I and most people had the same problems, regardless of where they work or what they did. This problem affected both their professional and private lives – it was simply a lack of time. I’ll come back to this realization in a minute.

Unhappy With Myself

A few years ago I took up running, because I was 40 pounds overweight, I had been neglecting my health for years, and I was working way too much! I was tired all the time, I wasn’t spending enough time with my family, and I realized there had to be more to life than this!

I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change before I turned 40. Along the way I discovered I had a new passion…Running provided so much for me personally on a physical, mental, and emotional level, but I also discovered how I could combine my love of running with my need to make positive change.

I began running for charitable causes. This simple act of living with purpose has had a huge impact on my self-actualization but it also re-sparked my desire to do more. I began to think about ways I could create an exponential impact of good on society.

Raising a young family has made me realize how important it is to live in the present. We try to travel as much as we can with our kids to enjoy quality family time and visit our friends, but also to expose them to different cultures and give them life lessons you can’t learn in schools.

While studying Robert Kiyosaki, Timothy Ferriss and others, I learned that I had to create my own life course – one that would involve my passions and my chosen purpose, and that would allow me the time freedom and financial means to make the most of the present without mortgaging the future. As a result, I embarked on a journey I call a Lifestyle Face Lift in order to get there.

Today, the company I founded supports the cause I run for by donating at least 10% of profits and is making positive changes to improve the environment.  I also help other entrepreneurs find a way to help their companies be more socially conscious as well.

time management strategiesOne of the products I developed provides assistance in the form of time management lessons so students could run their businesses more effectively (and more profitably). And as a result, they will be able to give back, but more importantly, have the time to do it as well.

If you are interested, you can read more about my vision of social entrepreneurship here. My plan is that this endeavor will create a trickle effect that will eventually become a waterfall of positive social action that will help make this world a better place.

So to summarize, my journey to fulfillment is about achieving a SANA in my life – a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  That is why I incorporated these three elements of my purpose driven life into my Sana logo.

I hope you enjoyed this story in the making.  Please go ahead and leave your comments, ideas, or suggestions and I look forward to helping you on your journey to a purpose driven life as well!

Living with Purpose. Live Fulfilled.

4 Responses to About Patch

  1. Alex Charles Maurice Elie says:

    I really enjoyed your story. Being your Cuz, I hear bits and pieces from family and events, but I really didn’t know you until now. I feel the same way.
    I started my company, ACE Consulting Expeditors, after I was thrown away by corporate America, and I never looked back. Although I’m now working for a consulting company, I still am working my company by finding people jobs via my IT recruiting, finding people homes via my Real Estate License and finding businesses a better way to utilize the Internet with my Web Site Sales and Service division. I found it a lot easier to work my business now that I have a “real” job. First of all I can afford to invest in the business and second, I can quite the Nay Sayers since I do have a “real” job, even though it’s with a Consulting company, Headstrong is really growing and I may be inclined to grow with them, but not sacrificing by business along the way. As a matter of fact, since they are growing so much, I’m recruiting for them. As an employee, I get a $1500 referral fee for each new hire that lasts more than 6 months.
    I caught myself rambling; guess it’s the blogger in me…
    Alex C. Elie
    Principal / Senior Recruiter / Senior Project Manager etc…
    ACE Consulting Expeditors, Inc.
    Expediting your consulting needs since 2009…

  2. Judy Epstein says:

    Hi Patch,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading through your website. I love the quote at the top, “A Fulfilled Life is About the Journey, ….Not the Destination..”

    Isn’t it funny we meet again in the GRN group facebook page. I remember contacting you a few months ago when I was a total newbie ’cause I needed a question answered about GRN. I ecosia’d (like Googled, but eco friendly) GRN and clicked on the first name I saw – you. And you answered my question. A belated thank you!

    I felt at home when I saw you were from northeast Canada as I’m originally from nearish to Toronto – Rochester, New York. I left in 1981 and went to live in Japan where I stayed for 14 years. Then spend two and a half years in the Amazon jungle. A teaching degree opens all kinds of doors.

    I enjoyed your running writing. And I found one typo in your second email. Yeah, really! > A cure to cancer X <. Correctly, a cure for cancer as you wrote further on. And one more with beat. I would have said beaten, but it might be a difference between Canadian and American English. Sorry, I can't tell you the rest of the sentence or where it was in your writing.

    I've been an ESL teacher for many years and notice little grammar and spelling errors too. I live in the UK where mistakes with apostrophes are rampant. Now, apparently, kids are learning grammar in school so as to avoid such mistakes. A few years ago (when I don't know) before the government decided to make grammar part of the national curriculum, it wasn't taught in schools as it was believed that kids would just pick it up. This is a good example of a politician making educational bills! So you see mistakes like "lots of potato's and apple's", etc… OMG! Drives me and other grammar mavens crazy.

    My little hello has gotten quite long! Best wishes with GRN for all of us!

    Judy Epstein

  3. Bill Roddy says:

    Hi Patch,

    Wonderful story and thanks for sharing. I know the feeling when one finds his/her purpose in life. I found mine several years ago when I started working with at-risk youth. My wife and I started a non-profit organization in 1997 called, Osiris Organization. As a social entrepreneur, myself, I can relate to your passions. I have also read all of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and many others.

    I wrote my memoir, Manhood From the Hood, last year and shared how I eventually realized my life’s purpose.

    I will follow you on Twitter and FB. Perhaps you could take the time to view my profile as well. I hope all is well and take care.


    Bill Roddy

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